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If you like long walks Armaçào de Pêra makes for a fine one. From the resort head to the right along the cliffs. Just keep going. You will come to Coelho Beach, followed by Castelo. Coelho has a snack bar, Castelo a restaurant. At Castelo, if the tide is low, follow the beach round to rejoin the cliff top path. If the tide is high then you must head inland along the road and take the sign for Evaristo. There is another beach restaurant there. From Evaristo just head straight on along the coast. You will pass a number of small beaches until you finally come to Gále. Armaçào de Pêra can then be seen in the distance. Walk on along the beach until you come to Salgados, where you will either be able to cross the river by the beach or have to use the wooden bridge inland, depending on the tide and flow of the river.

Armaçào de Pêra can be recognised by the line of fishermans' huts and fishing boats pulled up on the beach. It is a typical Portugeuse costal resort with lots of hotels, bars and restaurants, but also with a promenade.

Walk back the same way, or get a bus to Sesmarias. Alternatively there is more road like walk inland, which takes you through Gále. Join this route at the wooden bridge by heading inland through Salgados.