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There are many restaurants in the Sao Rafael area. Please see below our recommendations for restaurants that we have recently personally visited. The stars go from 1 to 5, five being best.

Finding the restaurants...

This excellent, informative and fun map is provided by FreeMaps.

Adobe PDF map of Sao Rafael

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or email Freemaps at : Margem Sul

Margem Sul ***** (July 2008)

This is really your local restaurant, and makes for an easy night out. It is located just opposite the CS Hotel, on the main road above the resort. The food is good and typical of that served in Portuguese restaurants. Friendly and attentive staff. An easy walk there, though perhaps not back again! : A Casa Do Avo

A Casa Do Avo *** (July 2008)

Expensive looking but actually reasonable. Great convert starter including Portuguese sausage cooked at the table. We went on 'Kebab Night'. My beef kebab was disappointing, but my wife and daughter greatly enjoyed their monkfish kebabs. A wide range of deserts, Portugeuse and otherwise. We ate outside, and it was too dark to see properly. : CasaNova

CasaNova **** (April 2008)

Located just off the main square in Albufeira. Another typical Portugeuse Restaurant serving typical fare. Looks very clean and has polite and attentive staff. Food is good. But beware strolling players, and rose sellers! : Sao Domingos

Sao Domingos ***** (July 2008)

This has to be my current favourite. We dined in a small room off the main restaurant which was nice and private, having only about 4 tables. The food was excellent and the staff very friendly and attentive. : Serol Marisqueira

Serol Marisqueria ***** (October 2008)

This restaurant is located at Armaçáo de Péra. We went there after our LONG (2 hour) walk from Sao Rafael. The service was quick and the food very good. Very much recommended.