Cliff top and Marina walk to Albufeira

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Walk to the beach. There is a path behind the restaurant. Take this path to the top of the cliff. From this point you can see right along the coast to Baleira, where the marina opens into the sea. Follow any of the paths to the east. Eventually you will not be able to go any further by sticking to the coast, and you must head inland, finding your way up the red 'inland cliffs'. Once at the top of these cliffs you will again be prevented from going any further to the east by the terrain and villas, and must head inland until you come to a dusty road. Follow this road until you come to a junction where the road turns back on itself downhill. Straight on is a dead end, but it provides excellent views over the marina. Turning back to the junction, go down the hill until you reach a road on your right. This leads directly to the marina. Walk through the marina, and take one of the staircases at the back, between the apartment blocks, to ascend to street level. There are toilets located in the stair wells. Walk towards the church in front of you. There is a cobbled road to the right hand side of the church. Follow this road to a roundabout, and then go up the hill. There are good views from here of the outer marina. At the top of the hill there is a cemetery, behind which there is a shopping centre and the Cerro Novo Offices. Keeping the cemetery on your left and staying on the main road, take the first on the right past the shops. This is a steep hill downwards, at the bottom turn left into Rua du Latino Coelho ('Street of the Latin Rabbit'), enjoy the view over Albufeira, and continue into the town. You will come to a staircase which you can descend into one of the main shopping areas. As an alternative, go straight on, uphill, and take the road to the right of the police station. This is 'Rua da Bateria' ('Battery Street' were there cannon here to defend Albufeira from the sea?), one of the secrets of Albufeira, which offers fine views over the Fisherman's beach. Or, pass in front of the police station and go straight on to discover another secret, which offers good views over the town itself, though you may have to jump to look over walls!