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  Month Air °C Sea °C Notes
January January 8-16° 15°

Can be cold, can be on the beach in shorts!

February February 8-17° 16°

Mixed, but dull usually gives way to fine quickly

March March 10-19° 17°

Getting better, spring fresh!

April April 20-22° 15°

Can be glorious!

May May 14-22° 18°

Warming up nicely, but not too hot.

June June 17-26° 21°

Getting hot now, but crowds still at home

June July 18-28° 21°

Hot Hot Hot

July August 18-28° 20°

Still hot!

September September 17-26° 18°

Cooling down, and where did everyone go?

October October 15-23° 17°

Day sun, pleasantly mild to cool in evenings

November November 11-19° 16°

Day sun, but cooling now a lot

December December 7-17° 14°

Brrrr! But better than home!